New HUF Spring Collection 2012 -

New to HUF this week is their Spring 2012 clothing line. This first batch includes the Small H pullover hoodie in black and navy, the 12 Galaxies jacket in black, burgundy, and navy/tan with their embroidered chest patch, the Get Screwed snapback and matching Tee, the Roach tee and cruiser, the Vintage Dyed pocket tee, the Denim Chambray volley snapback in light indigo, and acessories like the Smoke crew socks, the Plant Life socks in three colors, and the 12 Galaxies belt loop key chain.

Retail Price: $100 - 12 Galaxies Baseball Jacket

$28 - Get Screwed Tee

$30 - Vintage Dyed Tee

$28 - Roach Tee

$100 - Small H Pullover Hoodie

$32 - Chambray Volley

$32 - Get Screwed Snapback

$50 - Roach Cruiser

$12 - Plantlife Sock

$12 - Smoke Crew Sock

$16 - 12 Galaxies Belt Loop Key ChainĀ 

Available Now:

7 East 3rd Street

New York, New York 10003

Tel (212) 505-7551


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