Ken Block and Kelly Bolton, Gymkhana Backflip -

Check out this exclusive video with professional rally car driver, Ken Block, as he rides around his Gymkhana cars, visiting LA’s “Cars and Coffee”, with snowboarding legend Todd Richards. After showing off his car to the public, he hits a private city track to finish filming Gymkhana 4. If that wasn’t enough driving, he insisting on testing the limits of his machine even further. After getting board of drifting, he collaborates with DC BMX rider Kelly Bolton to up the ante and knock Kelly off of a ladder while Kelly attempts a back flip. I think it’s safe to say, don’t try this at home.
The best part about Block’s car is the fact that they added Ford’s SYNC to his rally car. Nothing like hearing a text message as you’re going 140mph into a 90 degree turn before you try to knock your friend off of a 10ft ladder.